Our Organic garden

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Easy entry into farming:

Our Crowd Farm provides a holistic approach to agricultural production & distribution, managing and sharing the risk, increasing financial access and allowing for large scale production capacity in the long run.This new movement could be the beginning of a growing trend in small-scale and urban farming.

Agripro Crowd Farming Solution:

The goal of the Agripro model is to make it possible for anyone from anywhere in the world to invest in farms anywhere in Ghana with just a click of a mouse. Currently operating a model on a half an acre property in Kokrobitey growing herbs and veggies and a chicken coop. AgriPro Crowd Farming is using organic practices, leveraging on its experience of being a leader in the organic movement in Ghana.  

Currently testing the model:

Agripro in partnership with Kokrobitey Institute is testing the economic viability of the crowd farming concept through its organic farm demonstration site.