A different way of learning through agriculture and resourceful design for primary & secondary school students.

  • We support schools, educational systems and learning in general
  • Students are engaged in resourceful design, resource conservation, agriculture, educational experiences in outdoor farm classes, field trips and, youth farmers market

A world where every child, family and community have access to fresh local food, and can make their own tools.

Imagine learning math on the farm: it puts what is learnt in the classroom in context. Instead of measuring a two-inch line on a paper, we can actually measure the height of a two inch plant on the farm. Outdoor classrooms have been proven to increase student engagement and test scores and is also a source of art and creative writing. Anything can be taught on the farm; from agriculture to mathematics to science and even social studies! We can even have reading sessions on the farm!  Aside learning from school farms, visiting other farms broadens our scope and gives us a wider perspective on life in general.


Taking kayayo children (mostly women)  through our sustainable agriculture training and providing them with basic skills in maths, english, literature, engineering & science.