The residency programme will be a full board onsite  programme held at Ghana’s leading centre for design excellence, Kokrobitey Institute. Over  the weeks, challenge participants will engage in  the following:

Design Thinking/Agile System/ Problem Solving.

After a short lecture on design thinking and an introduction to the agile system, applicants guided by coaches and facilitators, have a discussion around all the problems that were raised in the applications to find out if the list is exhaustive.  If not, groups continue to add to the list through dynamic brainstorming sessions.
Each applicant is allowed to vote on the most pressing problems. These problems will be the focus of the challenge.

Farm/ Workshop Visits.

As validation and proof of the existence of the selected problems, we visit five farms and leading design centres throughout Ghana.

Pitching Sessions.

Residents will have a pitching session each week during the residency program. 

Resourceful Design/ Prototype Making.

Prototype making is the core activity of the builders challenge and will be a part of the participants' daily activities. Thinking and communicating well is not enough, the builders challenge will test a wide variety of your skill set. At the end of this period teams must have created functional prototypes to be able to qualify to pitch at the Resourceful Design Summit