About us

An agribusiness agency nurturing and promoting organizations/individuals developing sustainable & innovative brands/solutions for food security, job and wealth creation.

A network of change makers developing ground-breaking ideas and solutions for food security, job and wealth creation


We are setting examples of how to build successful businesses. Hopefully we succeed at it. We are building food brands across the agricultural value chain. We become solutions, show you how we do it or we do it together at some point, and we become bigger solutions together.


We provide technical support for startups and/or new ideas in growing companies.

Testing/ Prototyping and professional advice successfully moving businesses from ideation to implementation, Financial management, Training, Product development


Imagine learning math on the farm: it puts what is learnt in the classroom in context. Instead of measuring a two-inch line on a paper, we can actually measure the height of a two inch plant on the farm. Outdoor classrooms have been proven to increase student engagement and test scores and is also a source of art and creative writing.

Beautifully crafted healthy food & drinks event. Bringing together fascinating brands & exciting consumers to deliver great, themed experiences


BESPOKE FOOD & CATERING SERVICES.                                                                                      

The Juice Factory, packaged fresh and dried herbs, spices and sauces

The Accra Green Market is a gathering of green initiatives in food, lifestyle, eco-friendly
products & services, clean technology, recycling, fashion, and eco buildings aimed at showcasing
workable solutions for individuals and businesses to be healthy and sustainable.

To bring together (on one platform) engineers, farmers, architects, growers, students, agronomists, fabricators, and all kinds of makers with the goal of building highly functional and environmentally friendly tools that can solve real food production problems and spur economic prosperity, whilst increasing competencies and drastically reducing unemployment and poverty